We are seeks committed permanent sponsors who will sponsor a child for the duration of his/her education to year 12 or to whatever level of education the child is capable of reaching.

100% of all sponsorship monies are directed to the payment of the child’s school fees, purchase of uniforms, books and other educational expenses. There is also a provision for a morning teacake and drink which the child purchases at school.

Each sponsor remains committed to the same child / children for the duration of the sponsorship.

The sponsor is issued receipts for all donations | Contact Us For More Information

At the completion of each six months’ school term, the sponsor will receive a summary of the child’s progress at school, a financial statement, a thank you letter written by the child in either English or Indonesian and any other pertinent information about their circumstances.

The children are weighed and measured to monitor their physical development. Once a year, you will receive your child’s measurements so you can personally gauge the child’s physical progress. If a sponsor wishes to send a child a gift of clothing, these up to date measurements will ensure the garments fit perfectly.

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