We are currently restructuring our organization to meet the requirements of the Indonesian government. Many of the original founding members are not actively involved. The new structure will recognize the current interim management structure as well as introducing new blood. This will not directly effect the children but will effect the staff as they come under new leadership. We will post our new structure when it is finalized.

We will continue exploring small business ideas and projects in order for the children to have a wide variety of experiences that are relevant to their futures. Craft and produce would be sold in the SALAM shop upon consignment. This is to encourage self reliance and entrepreneurial skills and to give the young people experience and a sense of independence and empowerment.

These programs could include the following: metalwork and blacksmithing, woodwork, gardening, gift shop products involving sewing, beading, crocheting, artwork, paper making.

We would like to encourage the involvement of volunteers and do consider sponsoring extended visas to suitable people on a case by case bases. Volunteers in this situation are required to be heavily committed to SCH with their time and should have some Indonesian language.

Volunteers often go home with a different viewpoint on life. Likewise, they contribute invaluably towards our Home. The staff and children benefit greatly from exposure to different ways of doing things and the creative ideas that can be gained from cross-culturalisation.


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