The SALAM Children's Home Steering Committee has ascertained that predictable funding is a major priority.

The Indonesian government provides a very basic food allowance which has recently been drastically cut. The Children's Home needs to source the rest.

Everyday running costs on top of food are water, gas, kerosene, electricity, staff wages, buildings/ grounds maintenance and motorbike fuel and maintenance

Due to administrative reasons we have instigated a system of sponsoring a child unit cost rather than a child. We would like sponsors to think that they are contribution to all aspects of SCH including the staff and special projects.

We have costs for the children in the orphanage as below:

  1. Meals and cooking needs: Rice, Meats, Fishes, Vegetables, Fruits, Oil, Herbs and Spices, Milk, Tea, Sugar, Gas for cooking.
  2. School costs: School Fees, Building Fees, Uniform, Books, Exams Fees (Currently already fully supported by our main sponsor: Stichting Het Schone Streven)
  3. Laundry, cleaning equipment and shower needs: Detergents, Soaps, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Toilet and floor cleaner, Dish cleaner, Brooms, Mops.
  4. Operation of the orphanage: Electricity, Water, Telephone, Staff Wages, Buildings/Grounds Maintenance, Motorbike fuel and maintenance.


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