We desperately need your help!

Our most pressing need is for regular increased funding to SALAM Children’s Home. Prices of petrol, groceries, utilities have gone up in Indonesia, leaving the poorest of the poor even more devastated. Food, education and medical expenses make up a huge percentage of Indonesians’ annual income as compared to that of people in the west. SCH is not exempt from these costs.

What we are appealing for is a concerted effort by organizations or individuals to commit funds each month. Currently the cost of keeping one child well fed, clothed and educated at SCH is 450,000 Rp per month (approximately $60.00AUD/ less than $50.00 USD).

We understand that some organisations within Indonesia are renowned for their lack of accountability. SALAM Children's Home Steering Committee endeavours to promote transparency and we have an open book policy enabling all donors to view details of SCH's income and expenditure.

Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a child or take up the challenge of helping us find donors. Every sponsored child will write to his or her sponsors in English on regular intervals. Often children will send drawings and art work back to their sponsors. You are more than welcome to visit your child at SALAM Children's Home.


Bank: BRI Tabanan Bali
A/C: 0124.01.010173.50.6
Account Name: Panti Asuhan Salam


Bank: Suncorp
Branch: Maleny
BSB: 484 799
A/C: 200 178 357
Account Name: Panti Asuhan Salam
For international (non Australian) transfers only the SWIFT code to use is METWAU4B.

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