SALAM Children are reasonably busy during school term with school and homework 6 days a week, but in their free time they pursue a variety of activities including kite making and kite flying, soccer and basketball. We now have a great multi purpose court that was built and paid for by funds raised by Desmond James. (See sponsors page)

Many very much enjoy singing and guitar playing. They have an allotted time to watch TV and DVDs. Various inservice seminars are conducted on the premises. The children attend art and dance workshops and perform at a variety of occasions.

Practical training that the students can take home to their family's are also taught. Here a few of the older boys are learning how to make and install hydraulic ram pumps from Rus Alit, one of the original founders.

The children come from various religious backgrounds and the Home respects their beliefs, but they are required to participate in all activities, including the various Christian services. Once a week a local church gives motivational teaching at the Home.

The children are given chores to help with the everyday running of the Home. These include general sweeping, cleaning, washing. They are rostered for kitchen duties and do a small amount of garden maintenance.


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